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Why Your Dentist May Recommend Wisdom Teeth Removal

Why Your Dentist May Recommend Wisdom Teeth RemovalWisdom teeth are perhaps the most commonly extracted tooth. Is it really necessary to remove this final set of molars, though? Wisdom teeth used to play an important role. The rough, fibrous diet of our ancestors often left teeth severely worn and damaged, so the wisdom teeth would take the place of any teeth that were lost or too badly damaged to function. Today, these teeth are less needed. Our diets have changed over the centuries, as the advances in preventive dentistry help us keep more of our natural teeth longer. This means that those wisdom teeth may no longer fit comfortably in your mouth and extraction may be needed.

Our expert in dental extraction in Los Angeles may recommend having your wisdom teeth extracted if:

• Your wisdom teeth are so far back that they are hard to clean.
• Your other teeth are crowded, or your wisdom teeth are threatening to crowd them further.
• Your erupting teeth are causing extreme pain or discomfort.
• Your wisdom teeth are impacted, which means they have been unable to erupt properly or fully.
• Your wisdom teeth are erupting at an angle.
• Your wisdom teeth are putting pressure on your nerves or causing jaw problems.
• Your other teeth are being affected by the erupting wisdom teeth.

The extraction may be performed under local or general anesthetic depending on your needs. The teeth may also need to be surgically extracted if they have not yet erupted through the gumline. Otherwise, a simple extraction will be used. Once the teeth are removed, you may have stitches placed to promote healing and protect the extraction site. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our expert in dental extraction in Los Angeles.


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