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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation DentistryMillions of Americans experience dental anxiety or dental phobia. Unfortunately, research reveals that patients with dental anxiety often avoid routine dental care and delay treatment for acute conditions. If you experience dental anxiety or dental phobia, our Los Angeles sedation dentistry expert can help.

Our expert in sedation dentistry in Los Angeles offers a variety of sedation options to help meet your unique needs. Drs. Ghasri and Afar have warm, gentle chair-side manners and our boutique-style office is cozy and inviting, but we understand that sometimes that just may not be enough. Sedation dentistry can provide you with a deeper level of relaxation for a completely calm, comfortable and pain-free experience.

Sedation Dentistry Los Angeles

Sedation dentistry uses inhaled nitrous oxide, oral medications or a combination of the two to achieve a deeper level of sedation. Inhaled sedation is easy to administer and can relax you almost instantly. The gas leaves your system just as quickly. In fact, patients who choose inhaled sedation can often drive home after their procedures. Oral sedation allows our Los Angeles sedation dentistry expert achieve a deeper level of sedation for our patients. Prescription anti-anxiety medications alleviate discomfort, anxiety and fear and leave you feeling almost sleepy and relaxed. Patients who opt for oral sedation may need a ride to and from our office.

In some cases, IV sedation may be recommended. IV sedation is a deeper form of sedation that requires extensive training and skill as well as continuous monitoring. Our expert in sedation dentistry in Los Angeles may recommend IV drugs for dental surgery or dental extractions or for patients with certain behavioral or developmental delays.

Dr. Afar and Dr. Ghasri are committed to ensuring you enjoy a safe, comfortable, relaxed experience. If the thought of a dental visit or procedure leaves you trembling, let us know. Contact our dental office today to schedule your next appointment with our Los Angeles dentist.