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Dental Extraction

Dental ExtractionDental extractions can play a necessary role in maintaining your dental health. Our Los Angeles dental extraction specialist may recommend a dental extraction if:

•    Your tooth has extensive damage or decay and cannot be restored with a filling, crown or other dental treatment.
•    Your tooth has become extremely loose due to periodontal disease and cannot be preserved.
•    Your tooth is blocking other teeth from erupting properly.
•    Your teeth are interfering with orthodontic treatment.
•    You are receiving radiation or other cancer treatments, which can affect your dental health.
•    Your wisdom teeth are impacted, or they have not erupted properly.

If you are a candidate for a dental extraction, our specialist for dental extraction in Los Angeles will take dental X-rays to develop a treatment plan and identify the best ways to remove the tooth. X-rays will reveal the relationship of your teeth to other teeth, to your sinuses and to your nerves, and they will identify any areas of infection that may need to be treated before we begin your procedure. Your medical and dental history will help us create a comprehensive plan and protect your overall health as we perform any necessary treatments.

Dental Extraction Los Angeles

We understand that our patients are often apprehensive about dental extractions. Our Los Angeles dental extraction specialist offers several sedation options that can help you feel more comfortable during your procedure. We also numb the area thoroughly to ensure you have the most relaxing, pain-free experience possible.

After your procedure, you may be given antibiotics or pain medicine, and you may need a ride home if you opted for sedatives. Keeping the extraction site clean and following the instructions of our specialist for dental extraction in Los Angeles can help reduce the risk of post-procedure complications.

Contact our dental office today to learn more or to schedule a consultation with our Los Angeles dentist.