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Sunset Plaza Dental review
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Dental Exam and X-Rays

Dental Exam and X-RaysThe American Dental Association recommends that most people have dental exams every six months. Routine dental exams play an important role in maintaining healthy teeth and gums and can reduce your risk of suffering certain dental problems. Our Los Angeles dental exam specialist performs comprehensive dental exams that can help you learn more about your dental health needs.

Dental Exams Los Angeles

Our specialist for dental exam in Los Angeles will begin by performing a visual examination of your mouth. We check for tooth decay, cracks or other damage, worn restorations, mouth sores and other issues. We will also discuss your medical history to discover whether you have any health problems that could affect your dental health. A periodontal evaluation and oral cancer screening will also be performed. Each step of the dental exam is designed to work together to ensure every aspect of your mouth functions properly and healthily.

You may have a dental cleaning along with your exam. Our dentist will remove tartar buildup and polish the plaque from your teeth, leaving them cleaner, shinier and healthier.

Dental X-rays Los Angeles

Diagnostic X-rays can help our Los Angeles dental x-rays expert identify hidden problems, particularly beneath the gums. Annual bitewing X-rays are generally recommended, and panoramic X-rays may be recommended every three to five years. Other imaging tests may also be prescribed in some cases.

Our expert in dental X-rays in Los Angeles will make any necessary treatment recommendations that will help you boost your dental health. We may advise dental fillings if we notice any areas of decay, periodontal treatments if you have signs of gum disease or cosmetic procedures that can enhance the appearance of your smile. Early conservative treatments can help reduce your risk of future dental health problems.

Contact our dentist in Los Angeles to schedule your next checkup.