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Why You Should Brush Your Tongue

Why You Should Brush Your Tongue

Everybody knows that brushing your teeth and gums are vital to maintaining a happy, healthy smile. It’s amusing how we all perform this task twice a day, but many of us do not clean an important part of our mouths at all. The tongue is often forgotten about, but does play a large part in the condition of our mouths. Read on for reasons why you should brush your tongue, and the best ways to do so.

Why brush your tongue?

It’s common knowledge that bacteria can build up on the teeth and gums and turn into plaque. This is very damaging, as it leads to decay, which can cause a number or problems, such as tooth infections and periodontal disease. You’ll be surprised to learn that the bacterium that causes plaque to form thrives on the surface of the tongue. When unclean, the tongue is a veritable petri dish in your mouth. Cleaning it regularly will prevent harmful bacteria from spreading.

This bacterium is also responsible for bad breath. If you suffer from bad breath from time to time for seemingly no reason, or it has become and ongoing problem (otherwise known as halitosis), an unclean tongue may be the cause.

Brushing the tongue can also help you taste food better. If you have been noticing that everything tastes bland lately, give your taste buds revitalization by brushing them awake.

There are several ways to make sure the tongue stays clean. Brushing it regularly is vital, but you can also use a tongue scraper. You should also be sure to attend regular dental cleanings to ensure your overall oral health.

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