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Why Wisdom Teeth May Require Extraction

Why Wisdom Teeth May Require Extraction

The third sets of molars in both arches typically come in during an individual’s late teens or even their early twenties. Oftentimes, these teeth never come in or fail to come in fully. This could be due to lack of room in the mouth for the teeth to erupt, or because the teeth are trying to come in at an awkward angle. Often referred to as “wisdom teeth”, these molars are not actually necessary and may cause more problems if they do not come in properly and are simply left alone.

Your dentist will most likely recommend any impacted wisdom teeth be removed. This is especially true if these molars are pushing or crowding other teeth while trying to surface. If the teeth are trying to push out at an odd angle, they will be removed to prevent potential problems. In addition to crowding and pushing other teeth, problems may include decaying of teeth near the wisdom teeth, infections, and an increased risk for gum disease.

Tooth extraction for wisdom teeth can be done in the dentist’s office or at a surgical facility on an outpatient basis. The gum and possibly bone will have to be cut in order for the wisdom teeth to be pulled or cut out in manageable pieces. Your dentist will give you instructions on proper aftercare and ways to reduce any pain that may occur. For quicker healing, be sure to follow your dental care provider’s instructions.

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