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Why Excessive Soda Drinking Can Damage the Teeth

Why Excessive Soda Drinking Can Damage the Teeth

Ice cold soda may seem like the perfect refreshment on a hot summer day, but consistently drinking too much soda can be extremely bad for your smile. The large amounts of sugar in regular soda feed oral bacteria and can increase the risk of cavities. Unfortunately, even diet soda is not tooth-friendly. Making good beverage choices may be among the healthiest things you can do for your teeth.

When you drink soda, you are not only exposing your teeth to the sugar, but you are slowly eroding the teeth’s enamel with the acid that the bacteria secrete. Some studies indicate that the acid content of soda may be just as likely to erode the enamel on your teeth as battery fluid, and the damage starts within minutes of drinking it. Dental erosion can then increase your risk of cavities and may lead to hypersensitivity. Soda also contains high concentrations of dyes. These dyes are able to penetrate the enamel layer of your teeth, especially once the enamel has been softened by the phosphoric acid. Heavy soda consumption can leave your teeth deeply stained as a result.

The best way to avoid these hazards is by skipping the soda. If you simply must have one, use a straw to limit the contact between your teeth and the drink. Rinse with water after drinking the soda to dilute the acids, and limit your consumption as much as possible. You may also need to limit your consumption of juice, energy drinks, power drinks and fruit-flavored drinks, as these also contain high levels of acid and sugar. Instead, drink green tea, tap water and milk, which all have positive effects on your smile. Call us today to find out more about how a healthy diet can affect your smile or to schedule an appointment with our dentists.


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