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What are Lumineers?

What are Lumineers?When searching for dental veneers, some of the common questions are “What are Lumineers?”  “Are they the same as other dental veneers?”   “How do I care for them?”

What are Lumineers?

In short, Lumineers are an ultra-thin, durable, dental veneer that transforms damaged, crooked, or uneven teeth into a natural, beautiful smile.  Most dental veneer procedures require painful shots and irreversible dental removal in order to be applied to the patient’s teeth. Because Lumineers are ultra-thin this means that they can be applied with little pain and hassle. The process takes about 2 visits, the first one to mold the teeth. The second visit is to apply the Lumineers.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) states that one of the benefits to dental veneers, like Lumineers, is that it is nearly impossible to tell them apart from your natural teeth.  This allows the wearer to get their desired smile without painful, invasive procedures. Since they are ultra-thin, Lumineers are able to match the natural color of your teeth and the natural appearance of enamel.

Durability is a major concern for those who undergo dental procedures.  Nobody wants to spend their life in a dentist’s chair. Lumineers are long lasting, durable veneers that have been shown to last for over 20 years. Care for Lumineers is not difficult. There are no special techniques required to care for them, nor are there any special limitations. Regular brushing and flossing and dental checkups are important. So, what are Lumineers? They are a durable way to get the perfect smile.  

What are Lumineers able to do?  

Well, in certain cases, they can rid the need for unsightly braces. Lumineers will reshape your smile, making your teeth appear straighter and uniform. The wearer is still able to eat the foods that they love. Sticky foods are no problem.

Lumineers has been the answer for many patients for over 30 years. Over one million units have been placed, and Lumineers have transformed many celebrities’ smiles. Over 13,000 dentists recommend Lumineers as the best way to get the perfect smile.