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Treatment for Abscessed Teeth

Treatment for Abscessed TeethAbscesses of the teeth are common but preventable problems in our oral health. Luckily, they are also highly treatable. But to understand the treatment of abscesses, we must first understand the causes of it.

An abscess is an infection at the base of the root of a tooth in the surrounding tissue, or gums. This is usually caused by decay (a cavity) having worked all the way through the enamel of a tooth, which is a protective coating around our teeth. The decay then gets into the center of the tooth, infecting the pulp, which is held in canals that run down the root of the tooth. The diseased pulp then spreads the infection out of the root and into the surrounding tissue.

Abscesses therefore are usually treated by opening the top of the tooth, removing the infected and inflamed pulp, and applying medication to the inside of it that will then spread to the abscess. This is called root canal therapy. If the abscess is particularly bad, you may also be given oral medications to kill the bacteria.

If you suspect you might have an abscess, make an appointment with our dentist in Los Angeles.


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