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Top Common Reasons for Visiting the Dentist

Top Common Reasons for Visiting the Dentist

Some things we have to do in life to ensure our health can feel like chores. Even though doing them will be best for us in the long run, finding the right people to contact and making appointments can be inconvenient, requiring you to take time out of your busy schedule. Visiting your dentist is one of these things. Here is a list of reasons you might not have thought of why it is important to see your dentist at least twice a year.

1) Checking your general health
Many think that dentists are strictly inn charge of your dental and oral health, and doctors alone check your physical health. But the truth is that dentists are often the ones who spot overall health issues in patients. This is because many health problems show signs in your oral health. For example, anemia, vitamin deficiencies, viral infections, and dehydration can all be apparent in your mouth.

2) Head and Neck cancer
Your dentist will conduct a basic exam, during which they could spot lesions in your mouth, neck, and/or tongue. Said lesions could indicate risks of cancer, especially in patients who smoke or drink heavily.

3) Cardiovascular health
Recent research indicates that poor oral hygiene resulting in the buildup of plaque can result in periodontal disease (severe gum disease), which in turn can also cause heart health issues. A systemic bacterial infection can potentially trigger a heart attack, and even cause pneumonia. Your dentist can inform you if you are at risk of such medical problems and should be more diligent with your oral hygiene practices.

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