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Temporary Veneers

Temporary VeneersTemporary veneers are used to protect teeth after our dentist prepares the teeth until the permanent veneers are constructed and ready for placement. Although temporaries support a natural appearance, they may not resemble the permanent veneers depending on the treatment plan made by our dentist. The need for temporaries is based partly on the degree of teeth preparation patients require. When significant enamel removal is necessary, the temporaries prevent bacterial attack as well as sensitivity to foods that are hot, cold or sweet.

More About Temporaries

Unlike permanent veneers, which are usually made of porcelain, temporary veneers are made of acrylic plastic. This means that they lack the durability provided by permanent veneers, but this should not be a problem because they are used only for a short time in most cases. While temporaries help protect against excessive tooth sensitivity, they tend to be more sensitive than permanent veneers and do not reflect the ultimate results of treatment.

How Temporaries Are Used

Our dentist places temporary veneers after preparing the teeth for permanent veneers. They are most often used when major enamel removal has been performed, particularly when the teeth have had their biting edges shortened. In some cases, temporaries are constructed to match the permanent veneers ordered by patients to help ensure that long-term results are optimal. When this is done, the temporaries may be modified repeatedly to fine-tune desirable characteristics.

Temporaries are made of acrylic plastic and used for only a short time until permanent veneers are placed. Because temporaries are attached loosely to the teeth and are less durable than permanent veneers, patients should take care not to break them or knock them off of their teeth during use. To learn more about the temporary stage of veneer placement, patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist.