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Mouth Pain

mouth painThere are a number of reasons that you may have mouth pain. You might have pain in your teeth, your gums, tongue, the soft tissues of your inner cheek, or even your throat. What you need to remember when it comes to mouth pain is that no pain should be considered to be “normal.” Instead, at the first sign of mouth pain, you should contact our Los Angeles mouth pain treatment expert. By doing this, you will get prompt treatment and an explanation of what your mouth pain might mean.

The truth is that there could be many reasons for mouth pain. It may be something totally benign such as biting your tongue or inner cheek in the middle of the night and not realizing it until the next day. You might have tooth pain that occurs when you eat or drink sweet things. This could indicate a cavity in your tooth, and you should see our expert in mouth pain in Los Angeles for a filling. Other types of mouth pain can be more serious. For example, mouth pain can indicate undiagnosed diabetes, a food allergy, or even oral cancer. Since you likely will not know the exact cause of your mouth pain, it is important, at the first sign of pain that you reach out to our Los Angeles mouth pain treatment expert for an appointment.

Mouth Pain Los Angeles

When you come into your appointment, you should expect our expert in mouth pain in Los Angeles to ask you a number of questions about the pain. Some of the questions you can expect include how long you have been experiencing the pain, a description of the pain, and the area where the pain is coming from. In addition, they may ask about your oral hygiene habits, if you have any conditions that could be causing the mouth pain, or if you have had any dental work. They will also typically perform diagnostic tests, like an X-ray, and look for things like sores, bumps, or cuts.

Though some pain is more serious than others, at the first sign of any mouth pain that is unexplained, it is always a good idea to reach out to a professional. In most cases, pain indicates that there is a less serious problem in the mouth, but small problems can quickly become large ones if they are not taken care of.

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