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Lumineers Teeth Cost

Lumineers Teeth CostLumineers are the most commonly chosen type of veneers available from our dentist. By quickly concealing a variety of dental imperfections, including cracks, gaps, discoloration and chips, Lumineers are ideal for patients who want a complete and permanent cosmetic dental solution. In the process of planning for this treatment, patients will surely wonder what Lumineers teeth cost. Here is a look at the benefits included, what affects the cost and who can receive this treatment.

How Cost Is Determined

Lumineers vary in price for a number of reasons. First, our dentist must consider the ease with which patients can have Lumineers placed. When teeth present challenges that complicate treatment, costs will rise accordingly. The size of Lumineers required, which depends on the size of the teeth being treated, also affects the cost. Patients can learn more about how much their Lumineers will cost during a consultation with our dentist.

Benefits Offered by Lumineers

A wide range of advantages are included in the total Lumineers teeth cost. Immediately after treatment, patients benefit from improved appearance and the increased confidence that results. Because patients can continue to eat a wide range of foods after having Lumineers placed, this treatment supports higher quality of life in addition to better looks.

Who Can Receive Lumineers?

Patients who have good oral and general health are commonly candidates for Lumineers. For patients whose teeth have discoloration that does not respond to whitening treatments, Lumineers may be the best option for resolving the issue permanently. Patients whose teeth are affected by multiple types of flaws can count on Lumineers to transform their smile for the better, eliminating the need for multiple alternative treatments in many cases.

Lumineers teeth cost can vary based on individual factors, but all patients receive major aesthetic benefits after treatment is complete. As a result, Lumineers present an excellent value that pays for itself with permanently brighter smiles.