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Lumineers Price

Lumineers PriceLumineers price is an investment, an investment in the confidence and self-esteem that a great smile brings. A great smile can bring the confidence needed to succeed in one’s career and business relationships. It is the first thing a person notices. A smile introduces you without saying a word. A great smile is an investment that affects all areas of life: social interactions, romantic relationships, and even business relationships.  It is an investment that you will benefit from every day.

Dental work is meant to last a lifetime. The time and money invested in a smile will reap rewards for years. Since Lumineers last for over 20 years you can rest assured that your smile will last for a long time.  The ADA states that dental veneers, like Lumineers are stain resistant, so there is little worry for discoloration. As long as you brush and floss regularly and visit the dentist, your investment should last a lifetime. Simply put, it is a sound financial investment in terms of quality and durability.
It is important to check with your dental insurance providers to see if they cover Lumineers price. It is important that you get quality for your investment. A poor investment in poor quality can cost you time, money, and confidence. Our Lumineers dentist is qualified to give you the best results in a timely manner.

Since Lumineers price is on a tooth-by-tooth basis, there is no flat rate. Every smile is different.  Prices vary from tooth size, difficulty, number of Lumineers needed and so on. It is important that you talk with our certified Lumineers dentist to decide on the best course of action to get the smile you deserve. Remember it is more than a smile, it is an investment.