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Lumineers Dentist Los Angeles

Lumineers Dentist Los AngelesIf you decide to go with the option of Lumineers, our Los Angeles Lumineers dentist will first give you a consultation. You and the dentist decide on the look you want, the problem areas and the options. It is a highly personalized and customized experience that will ensure both quality and comfort.

Our Lumineers dentist in Los Angeles will examine your teeth in order to see where the problem areas are. On the first visit, they will make a mold of your teeth. Then the mold is sent off to a special lab where they will create your custom Lumineers, specially designed for your needs. When the Lumineers come back to the dentist, they are ready to be applied to your teeth.  The process takes about an hour.         

Los Angeles Lumineers Dentist

Be assured that our Los Angeles Lumineers dentist is trained to do the very best job on your Lumineers.  Since Lumineers are highly durable, you can still eat all the same foods you love without having to worry about them becoming damaged.

Lumineers differ from other dental veneers due to the ultra-thin design. Our Lumineers dentist in Los Angeles chooses Lumineers because of the low recovery time and the painlessness of the experience. Patients are able to get their Lumineers relatively fast and they are placed in as little as an hour. There are less invasive procedures involved, so it is fast and painless. Within two trips you will have the smile you want and deserve.

There are many financial options out there and our Lumineers dentist in Los Angeles will work with you in financing your Lumineers. Remember, you are investing in a smile that will last a lifetime. It is an investment that brings self-confidence and a noticeable change in your personal life.