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Lumineers Dental

Lumineers dentalMore patients are choosing Lumineers for their flexibility and non-invasive placement. Although Lumineers are similar to traditional dental veneers in terms of materials and capabilities, Lumineers are significantly thinner. As a result, they do not require grinding down teeth in most cases. This makes it possible for patients to have their Lumineers removed later if it becomes necessary or desirable. Here is more about how Lumineers are different from traditional veneers and the Lumineers dental procedure used to place them.

How Lumineers Differ from Traditional Veneers

Lumineers offer thinness as a key benefit over their thicker traditional counterparts. The lower profile of Lumineers is what enables fast, painless placement and makes removal an option in the future. While Lumineers can be a stronger option for patients who need to conceal stains that are not eliminated by whitening treatments, Lumineers are less likely to conceal very heavy discoloration as completely as traditional veneers can.

The Lumineers Dental Treatment

Lumineers are placed in two appointments. In the first appointment, our dentist confirms candidacy, creates an individual treatment plan and takes dental impressions to send to the Lumineers lab. Our dentist may recommend wearing temporary veneers until the Lumineers are finished. Finally, our dentist bonds the newly crafted Lumineers to the teeth and cures them in place with a special light. Because the Lumineers are tinted to match adjacent teeth, they look completely natural as part of any smile.

Lumineers dental care can be a fast, effective cosmetic treatment choice for many common dental flaws. Lumineers are also faster and more comfortable to place compared to traditional veneers, adding to the convenience enjoyed by patients. As an alternative to orthodontic care for cosmetic imperfections, Lumineers can be faster as well as cheaper. To learn more about what Lumineers can correct and find out whether they will work for specific issues, patients can contact our dentist for a consultation.