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Los Angeles United Concordia Dental Insurance Dentist

Los Angeles United Concordia Dental Insurance DentistOur United Concordia dental insurance dentist in Los Angeles knows that a more beautiful smile will motivate a patient to take better care of it. We are working to not only maintain the oral health of our patients but to improve the aesthetics of their smile as well. A brighter, straighter, and healthier smile will give its owner improved self-confidence also, allowing them to feel great inside and out.

Our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist uses many different treatments to enhance a patient’s smile or they can combine several procedures to form a complete smile makeover. Some of the cosmetic dental treatments we perform include teeth whitening, dental veneers, and Invisalign.

Almost everyone’s teeth will eventually become stained no matter how often they brush and floss. In order to whiten a smile our dentist uses in-office whitening treatments to oxidize stains and remove them from the dentin layer of the teeth. Prescribed take home kits are also available that provide similar results in only a few short weeks.

United Concordia Dental Insurance Provider Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles United Concordia dental insurance provider recommends dental veneers to correct a number of smile flaws including chips, cracks, gaps, stains, and more because instead of treating the flaws directly, they conceal them to create the look of a brand new tooth. The dental-grade porcelain that is used in dental veneers can be colored to the exact shade of the patient’s teeth for a seamless finish.

Invisalign aligners are the best way for adults to straighten their teeth. Traditional braces that use wires and brackets can be even more unsightly than a smile that is crooked or has gaps. Invisalign aligners are invisible even at close distances so no one will ever know you are using them. Plus, they are removable and straighten teeth without the pain and discomfort of braces as well.

Call today to schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist and find out how you can receive the beautiful smile you have always wanted.