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Importance of Cheese and Dairy Products in Preventing Cavities

Importance of Cheese and Dairy Products in Cavity Prevention


We’ve heard time and time again that milk and dairy products make for good bones. But little research has been done on the effect of dairy products on our teeth, some of the most important bones in our body. Considering that these products, such as milk and cheese, come in direct contact with our teeth, their effect should be considerable. A recent study proves this to be true.

Cheese is, in fact, very beneficial to our oral health. This study shows that they are great foods for preventing cavities. Researchers tested the pH levels inside the mouths of sixty-eight subjects between the ages of twelve and fifteen. Those with a result less than a 5.5 were subject to tooth decay. The subjects were split into three groups and given cheddar cheese, milk, or sugar-free yogurt to consume. After ten, twenty, and thirty minute intervals the subjects were tested again. Those who were given the milk or yogurt showed no signs of change in their pH levels. Those who ate cheese, on the other hand, showed significantly higher levels, meaning that they were at less of a risk of suffering from tooth decay.

We can now assume that adding cheese as a regular element to our diet can effectively benefit our overall oral health and keep many out of the dentist’s chair unnecessarily. This is vital information, as the condition of the teeth can decrease rapidly. Bacteria and debris that are not cleaned away with toothbrushes and toothpaste can form into plaque. If this sticky substance is left untreated, it can result in cavities and serious damage to the teeth, requiring root canal treatment and other restorative measures.

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