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How Much are Veneers?

How Much are Veneers?Smiles that have been sullied by problems such as discoloration, physical damage or malformation can be transformed in a flash with veneers. As a lifetime investment, the value of veneers is incredible for patients who want to have a truly beautiful smile. At the end of the day, however, prospective patients have to ask an important question: How much are veneers? Here is the answer to that question and an exploration of how this treatment benefits recipients.

Why Patients Should Consider Veneers

The surfaces of teeth are prone to numerous problems that can make them look less than pleasing. Common cosmetic issues include internal discoloration, chips, gaps, cracks and bad rotation. When these problems strike, patients can choose veneers for concealment that is fast as well as permanent. In fact, certain patients may even be able to choose veneers instead of orthodontics for fixing cosmetic issues that are not impacting their oral health. Amazingly, veneers offer restorative value in addition to aesthetic benefits. Once bonded to teeth, veneers help strengthen teeth and guard against trauma and acid erosion that can ravage a smile.

How the Cost of Veneers Is Calculated

The question remains: How much are veneers? This is a good question, and the answer is fairly simple. Cost is calculated based on factors that include the number and types of veneers ordered by patients, the ease with which our dentist can place the veneers on their teeth and the size of veneers used. If patients need restorative care before they can receive veneers, the total cost of treatment will be higher as a result. By comparing the initial cost of veneers with the years of cosmetic improvement they offer, patients can better understand the value provided by the investment.

So, how much are veneers? The cost is determined on an individual basis at a consultation with our dentist. For many patients, however, the extensive improvements gained with veneers make this treatment well worth the initial cost.