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How Much are Lumineers?

How Much are LumineersOur dentist offers Lumineers as a fast, minimally invasive cosmetic treatment for concealing numerous dental flaws, such as gaps, chips, cracks and discoloration. Unlike conventional dental veneers, Lumineers require little or no enamel removal before placement. As a result, the teeth remain strong and patients can have their Lumineers removed later if necessary. Patients who consider this treatment are likely to ask, "How much are Lumineers?" Here is the answer to that question and a look at Lumineers treatment benefits and candidacy.

Major Benefits from a Lifetime Investment

Patients who choose Lumineers gain several benefits from this lifetime investment. In just two appointments, patients can conceal several cosmetic dental issues at once, including irregularities of structure and those involving internal tooth discoloration, which cannot be eliminated by teeth whitening treatments.

How Price Is Determined

So, how much are Lumineers? In addition to the basic costs of treatment, certain factors can increase price. These include the size of Lumineers required and the presence of irregularities that complicate placement. When patients consult with our dentist, they can discuss these factors to help them make an educated decision about purchasing Lumineers.

Candidacy for Treatment

Lumineers are an option for the majority of patients who are basically healthy other than having the cosmetic dental flaws mentioned above. Ideally, patients should also have sufficient space between the upper and lower teeth to allow for the slight increase in thickness that Lumineers add to teeth. Our dentist examines teeth to assess eligibility during an initial consultation with patients.

Lumineers offer the benefits of other veneers while avoiding their greater thickness and the consequent need to remove significant amounts of enamel from teeth. By analyzing the benefits imparted by Lumineers for different types and degrees of cosmetic imperfections, patients can more easily answer the question, "How much are Lumineers?" For patients who decide to pursue Lumineers for themselves, a lifetime of better looks and enhanced confidence add to the value of treatment.