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Health Issues Your Dentist Can Find

Health Issues Your Dentist Can Find

You may think that when you go to the dentist, you’re only getting treated for your dental health. In fact, your dentist is able to tell a lot just by examining your mouth. The condition of your teeth is actually a very good indicator of many health problems that can manifest around your body. The following are some examples of health issues your dental exam dentist in Los Angeles can find.

• Heart problems: There are a surprising number of links between your oral health and your heart health. Loose teeth and inflamed gums can be warning signs of heart disease. This is due to the bacteria in your mouth travelling to your heart and having the ability to cause several different problems in and around your heart.

• Osteoporosis: Dentists may be able to detect oncoming osteoporosis by changes in your jaw bone. This usually causes teeth to loosen and gum lines to recede.

• Diabetes: Gum disease is the most common dental condition for those suffering from diabetes. Conversely, infections found at the gum line can worsen your diabetes.

• Eating disorders: Patients with eating disorders typically suffer from a lack of nutrition, which can show in conditions such as bleeding gums and dry mouth. Furthermore, the consistent vomiting from bulimia can cause erosion on the backs of teeth, due to their contact with stomach acid.

Other health conditions that can be found by dentists include dementia, dry mouth, and acid reflux. It is important to listen to your dentist if they have found evidence that you are suffering from a health issue.

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