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headacheWhen most people get a headache, they probably just drink some water, take some pain relievers, and hope that it goes away soon. However, a severe and persistent headache could be a symptom of something greater, and it can even be the result of something wrong with your mouth. If you are experiencing unexplained headaches, you should get a proper diagnosis from our expert in treatment of headache in Los Angeles. The sooner you can get the problem diagnosed, the better off you will be.

One way a dental problem can cause a headache is teeth grinding, also known as bruxism. When you clench your jaw and grind your teeth at night, you are doing more than just weakening your enamel. You are also creating pain behind your eyes, a painful scalp, and sore jaw muscles. Teeth grinding can be remedied through a mouth guard, and our Los Angeles headache treatment expert can make a custom mouth guard that will fit precisely over your teeth.

A headache can also be the result of an infection in the tooth known as an abscess. When the tooth pulp becomes infected, it leads to severe pain in your mouth and pain, and it can be treated by our expert in treatment of headache in Los Angeles with a root canal and antibiotics. An infection needs to be treated immediately. If left unchecked, it can spread throughout your body, including your brain and heart. This can result in severe nerve damage, so never play it safe by thinking that pain in your tooth is nothing.

You may not be aware of this, but your headache can also stem from an unstable bite. If you have a missing tooth that has caused the other teeth to shift positions or if you have always had misaligned teeth, this can cause your bite to become irregular. When this happens, the muscles in the jaw and head have to work harder in order to chew and swallow. The excess stress on these muscles can lead to a very painful headache. Fortunately, our Los Angeles headache treatment expert can fix any irregularities through various orthodontic treatments.

A headache can be the result of any number of issues, so talk to our experts if your head is in constant pain.

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