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Depression from Tooth Loss

Depression from Tooth LossLosing a tooth has many unwanted side effects. It can affect your appearance and make it much harder to eat and speak properly. A recent study reveals that tooth loss can also cause depression.

The study investigated the findings of a survey that had nearly half a million respondents. Researchers matched a significant number of people who had answered that they were experiencing depression and anxiety with those also saying they had experienced tooth loss. It has long been known that depression can cause a patient to be negligent in the regular maintenance of their oral health care. Those who suffer from a low self-esteem due to depression often feel there is no point to it. It is a sort of nihilism that is fueled by their condition. It is an unfortunately vicious cycle, with depression not only causing negligence in their self-care, but also the effects of their negligence making them more depressed. It is important if you are depressed to seek the proper help, as the sort of self-destructive behavior exhibited in this study extends to other areas of their health as well.

If you have lost a tooth, it is highly recommended that you replace it. Not only will it help improve your self-esteem and enable you to eat and speak better, but it will prevent the bone loss that would otherwise occur from a lost tooth. If you would like to learn about the options for replacing your tooth, contact our restorative dentist in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation.


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