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Damage to the Teeth from Over Whitening

Damage to the Teeth from Over Whitening

Teeth whitening is becoming more and more popular in America these days. When it is done in moderation, most dentists would agree that there is not much harm that can come from it. The main issue occurs when people start over using whitening products. In fact, you can seriously damage your teeth from over whitening if you are not careful.

Carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are the two most common active ingredients in whitening solutions. There have been a variety of studies that have shown that when used properly, these two whitening products are safe. A good general rule is that it is safe to undergo a two week course of bleaching with at-home whitening products once or twice a year. As far as going to the dentist for a professional treatment is concerned, it is also best to do that only once or twice a year. Any more than that, you are risking enamel erosion. When enamel erosion occurs, it exposes the dentin layer of the teeth. When dentin is exposed, it increases teeth sensitivity, as dentin contains microscopic tubules that lead directly to the nerve tissues located in the pulp of our teeth. This makes external stimuli such as heat and cold or sweet and sour foods much more likely to cause sensitivity. When enamel is eroded, it also makes the tooth more prone to the effects of decay.

It is generally agreed that it is much better to go to the dentist and have your teeth whitened professionally in order to achieve the safest and most noticeable results. If you are interested in having your teeth professionally whitening, contact our tooth whitening dentist in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation.


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