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Damage to Teeth from Cheap Whitening Treatments

Damage to Teeth from Cheap Whitening Treatments

Patients can whiten their teeth at home, but they can have their smile brightened more quickly and effectively by visiting our dentist. Unfortunately, teeth whitening is also being performed by individuals who lack dental training. Here is a look at what can result from unprofessional whitening and how it can happen.

Whitening Damage

Patients who have their teeth whitened by beauticians or others who are not certified dental professionals can suffer a variety of problems, including teeth sensitivity, cosmetic damage, and soft tissue irritation. Teeth sensitivity can occur if the bleaching formula is left on the teeth for too long. Similarly, overexposure to peroxides may erode the teeth and expose dentin, leaving the teeth more vulnerable to decay and worse stains later. The lips, gums, inner cheeks, and tongue can easily suffer chemical burns if the provider does not properly protect those tissues during a whitening session.

Professional Dental Whitening

Whitening performed by our dentist protects patients in a number of ways. With extensive training and experience, our dentist knows how much peroxide formula to apply to the teeth and when to remove it, so that results are maximized and harm is prevented. Our dentist can also determine how frequently patients may be able to receive whitening while minimizing risks of teeth sensitivity. Finally, our dentist uses protective barriers so that the soft tissues of the mouth are safe from the whitening formula.

Office whitening is easily superior to home whitening, but it must be performed properly for good results and a low risk of side effects. Patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist to learn more about why whitening should be performed at a dental office.

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