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Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles

Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles In the world of dentistry, cosmetic dentistry is a relatively new specialty. Cosmetic dentistry typically involves whitening, straightening or otherwise changing the appearance of the teeth. Our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles may use a variety of techniques to improve the appearance of your teeth.

The first and most common technique our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles uses is bleaching. Bleaching, or teeth whitening, is a procedure that we can use to whiten teeth. Teeth discolor over time and with exposure to coffee, tea, medications or cigarettes. Bleaching uses peroxide to remove these stains from teeth.

We begin by making a custom-fit mouth tray. You can then use this at home with a special bleaching gel or solution, and you will apply it according to directions for several days or weeks until you achieve the desired level of whiteness. In-office treatments use solution that is applied directly to your teeth and activated by a special light. They take just about an hour and can leave teeth dramatically whiter after a single visit.

Cosmetic Dentist Los Angeles

Another increasingly common cosmetic dentistry procedure offered by our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles is porcelain veneers. A thin shell of porcelain fits over the front of your tooth to correct any chips or other flaws. The surface of the tooth will need to be polished slightly to compensate for the added thickness of the dental veneer. The dental cement will then be applied to help bond the veneer securely to the teeth. Porcelain veneers can last for several decades and resist stains and other damage.

Our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles is a specialist in dental bonding. We use tooth-colored material to fill small areas of damage on the surface of your tooth or to fill small cavities. Your tooth may need to be prepared slightly if any decay is present. An etching liquid will be applied prior to the application of the dental bonding material. Our dentist will then carefully shape the material, and polish it to blend with your natural teeth.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles can provide you with numerous options that will have you seeking out new opportunities to smile. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more.