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Consequences of Tooth Decay in Children

Consequences of Tooth Decay in ChildrenTooth decay is a serious problem at any age, but it may have especially severe consequences in children. According to a recent study, children with more severe tooth decay may experience overall delayed growth. Here is a closer look at what this research found.

In the study that found this link, researchers examined data covering tooth decay, height and weight in Saudi Arabian children between the ages of six and eight. Tooth decay, filled teeth and missing teeth were recorded and graded on a scale for analysis. Ultimately, the researchers found a significant link between more cavities and less height and weight. The researchers accounted for confounding factors, such as social values and demographics, and found that the link remained. This indicates that the findings have merit and deserve more exploration.

Parents do not need to wait for more studies on this subject before taking appropriate action for their families. By taking the right steps to reduce risks of tooth decay, gum disease and other oral health problems, parents can help support healthy growth in their children. With the brain being a physical organ as well, good dental health may also support healthy mental development in kids.

In other studies, tooth decay has been linked to poorer mental and physical functioning. This highlights the value of preventing tooth decay and taking action to save teeth that are already damaged. To keep infected teeth in the mouth, our dentist may recommend root canal therapy. Patients can schedule a consultation with our root canal dentist in Los Angeles to learn more about links between oral health and growth in children.


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