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Connection between Root Canal Treatment and Smoking

Connection between Root Canal Treatment and Smoking

There are plenty of reasons why it is a good idea to avoid smoking. A recent study indicates that another reason you may want to kick your smoking habit is that smokers are twice as likely as nonsmokers to need a root canal treatment. Your gender, how much you smoke, and the length of time you have been smoking play a large role in determining your risk factor for root canals.

Research indicates that men who smoke are actually twice as likely as women to need a root canal as a result. Men who smoke are also at double the risk for cavities, periodontal disease, and oral cancer. Time also matters, though. If you recently started smoking, you are about 20 percent more likely to need a root canal than a nonsmoker. You are at double the risk if you have smoked between 4-12 years. If you have smoked more than 12 years, though, your risk is 120 percent greater than it is for nonsmokers. The good news is that quitting does substantially help your case. If you have managed to stay smoke free for nine years, your chances of needing a root canal drop to nearly that of those enjoyed by nonsmokers. Many people do not realize it, but many dentists actually offer smoking cessation programs.

Researchers are actually not entirely positive on why this is the case, though. They believe that it may be due to the fact that smoking affects your ability to fight infections, increases inflammation, and also causes serious damage to your circulation system.


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