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Common Causes of Damage to the Teeth

Causes of Damage to the Teeth

Never assume regular brushing is all the coverage your teeth need. Awareness of what you eat, and even how you brush, can ensure you keep all your teeth for the best years of your life.

Sugar-induced decay is the most universal cause of tooth damage, and it is an important one. But there are subtle ways to be smart about sugar intake that not everyone knows about. For instance, everyone probably knows to watch out for white bread, which has multiple sugars both natural and processed. But if you take any kind of bread to the beach, and that bread gets sand in it, your teeth could take a hit. It is believed that sand in their bread unwittingly cost many Roman soldiers their teeth. Make sure you keep your bread bagged or otherwise covered at the beach.

Along the same lines, if you swim in a pool, try to keep your mouth closed. Chlorine in pool water can be an eroding agent.

Another tip to avoid tooth damage is to brush intelligently. Overbrushing is a major cause of enamel erosion, as is brushing too soon after meals. Try brushing with just your thumb and forefinger holding the brush, and see if that reduces pressure. And wait at least 30 minutes after eating before brushing. Any sooner and you risk pushing leftover acids deep into the teeth.

Finally, be careful with teeth whitening. Many home-remedy and over-the-counter whiteners have the wrong mix of materials, and the peroxide can really harm your teeth—especially if applied incorrectly.

Ask our dentist for more tips on how to avoid tooth damage.

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