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Average Cost of Veneers

Average Cost of VeneersInvesting in veneers is a way to permanently conceal many types of dental imperfections, including cracks, gaps, chips and tooth malformation. As a minimally invasive treatment, veneers are bonded to the teeth in order to add strength while enhancing appearance. How much is the average cost of veneers? This can vary, but the following will examine the answer to that question and the ways in which this investment justifies itself.

What Affects the Price of Veneers

Average cost of veneers is an important consideration to make when approaching this treatment as a cosmetic solution, but several factors affect the cost in specific cases. Most importantly, the number and type of veneers affect the total cost. Geographic location, availability of promotional discounts and necessity for other cosmetic procedures can also affect the total price of this enhancement. For example, veneers may be indicated as part of a unique Smile Makeover plan.

How Veneers Justify Their Cost

Veneers are a flexible choice for correcting multiple cosmetic issues at once, concealing internal discoloration and structural flaws as well as acting as a cosmetic alternative to orthodontic treatment for problems that do not impact oral health. With improved strength thanks to veneers, treated teeth are less likely to suffer decay or become cracked by physical trauma. By getting several veneers, patients can gain a more symmetrical and uniform smile that will last for a decade or more.

Aesthetic benefits and physical protection combine to make the average cost of veneers worthwhile for the majority of patients. While veneers are excellent for restoring the looks of a severely damaged smile, this treatment is also ideal for patients who want to make a good smile look amazing. At a consultation with our cosmetic dentist, patients can learn more about veneers and what this treatment will cost for them.